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Just about every Forex trading course nowadays offers some sort of Forex trading review, from customer testimonials in the forms of letters, audio and video testimonials to independent review sites. There is a copious amount of information out there on any particular trading course. And if you can’t find a review of the system, then it should be a red signal flag to approach the course with caution.

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With so many courses around, Forex trading systems reviews can be a valuable tool in sorting the scam courses from the courses which offer good trading advice and strategies. Here are some tips on Forex trading system reviews, what to look for and how to use them to find the best trading courses and avoid the scams.

Customer Testimonials And Onsite Forex Trading System Reviews

Onsite customer testimonials and reviews can be useful in a number of ways. But never forget, that whilst these reviews may be genuine, scam sites merely fabricate customer reviews and testimonials so don’t put too much weight on a customer who claims “the course changed his life” or “made him an instant millionaire”. But as mentioned above, these reviews can nonetheless be valuable tools to help you decide whether the course will suit your trading style.

The kinds of people who wrote the review can give you insight into the level the course is aimed at. If the reviews are by housewives and retiree’s then chances are the course is suitable for beginners for example.

Also pay attention to what is said in the review. Often the reviews will give you good insight into the trading methods taught in the course or the time frames used or the time necessary to trade using this strategy. And this information is often not covered in the course description itself.

But as mentioned at the beginning, it is best not to rely too heavily on onsite reviews as these can be fabricated, and even when they are not fabricated, these reviews seldom, if ever contain negative feedback from clients.

Independent Forex Trading System Review Sites

The best place to gain information on a course, and the success of a course is from independent review sites. Sites which offer an independent review of a course can give you the information you need to sort the wheat from the chafe and the scams from the genuine Forex trading courses. But once again, not all independent review sites are so independent. If the review you are adding contains no negative comments or is completely biased then once again approach the course and review site with caution but generally independent review sites are a mine of information on the course you are considering.

An independent review should tell you what level the course is aimed at – beginner traders, more advanced traders, etc. There is no “one size fits all” course or strategy in Forex. As you learn more and more about Forex, you come to realise how much you don’t know and how much you still need to learn, and in my honest opinion, there is no strategy which can teach beginners, amateurs and advanced traders.

A good Forex trading system review should also give you a good idea of the strategy basis that it uses to trade Forex. In other words, a good review should tell you whether the system is based on price action or indicators or fundamental analysis or a combination of these. A good strategy generally discusses its basis for trading because with trading, the devil is in the detail of the strategy not the overall approach. A strategy which claims to be “completely new” with “unique approaches which have never been seen before” should always, in my honest opinion, be approached with caution.

Good Forex trading systems reviews should also include some sort of independent rating system. A rating system allows you to compare systems and courses with some frame of reference. Using the rating systems of various review sites, you can compare systems more objectively before you spend your hard earned money on a Forex course.

Forex trading system reviews written by customers themselves can also give you excellent insight into the course offered and the potential flaws in the course. When relying on customer reviews, it’s good to bear in mind that one person may have found value in a course, which another person found as a complete waste of time, so it’s best not to take any one particular review to heart, but to see the reviews as a whole. A course may in fact be valuable to beginners and a waste of time for more advanced traders.
Customer reviews will give you insight into the level of the course – if there are some who say the course was too complicated, then chances are the course is not aimed at beginners – and conversely if a number of reviews state the course material is too basic then clearly the course is not aimed at advanced Forex traders.

Customer Forex trading system reviews will also give you some information on the company running the course – for example if the company has good support and response, whether the money back guarantee is honoured, etc.
Always bear in mind, when reading reviews, that there are those companies who take advantage of the review system merely to sell you something and there are those companies that offer genuine reviews to help you find the right Forex course. If you bear that in mind while reading reviews, you will soon spot which reviews are fake and which contain genuine information which will help you choose the most beneficial trading course for you.