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Any Option is a binary trading platform that is completely web based and can be used to trade stocks, commodities, indices and currency pairs, also known as Forex Trading. There is no software involved, and trading can begin as soon as an account is established. Any Option is user friendly is an ideal vehicle for beginners just entering the trading and investment field.

Forex currency pairs

Forex currency pairs, including USD/JPY, AUD/USD and EUR/USD, are available every day, around the clock. The Forex market is typically closed on the weekends, and Any Option offers an exciting new technique to make money with Forex trading even when the market is closed. The technique is called the “One Touch Feature” and allows a trade to be placed when the market is closed with the anticipation the price will reach a predetermined level. If the trade reaches that level, even for a second, the trade will turn a profit.

Any Option allows the Forex trader

Any Option allows the Forex trader to claim a profit at any point during the trade, even before the trading time period expires. This does not compromise the overall profitability of the trade for the trader or any trader involved in the same currency pair. Forex trades through Any Option also allows the trader to extend a trade through the next time period and is a valuable technique if the current trade does not meet the trade requirements and will result in a non winning trade.


These features gives the Forex trader a better than average chance to complete a successful trade and finish in the black rather than sinking into the red. The features also sets Any Option apart from most other trading platforms and allows greater flexibility in starting and stopping trades, maximizing profits and determining the length of all trades. Any Option also allows traders to set the time to start and stop a trade as well as utilize any time zone to drive the time of the trades.

The first withdrawal of the monthly profits can be executed at no cost, but all future withdrawals come with a minimal withdrawal fee. The initial account funding is $50, with minimum trade at $25. The amount of money that can be made with Any Option is limitless, as long as the rules and regulations of trading are upheld.

Any Option offers members extensive customer service and help when making trades. Since Any Option is an ideal platform for those new to online trading, Any Option has a variety of help materials available at no cost to its members. The learning library leads the traders through the process, offering tips and techniques to maximize the success of trades. Customer service representatives are available by telephone, email and live chat in an effort to help meet the needs of the trader.

With no cost commissions, 15% guaranteed return on any Forex trade and the chance to generate up to 70% an hour, makes Any Option one of the most profitable trading vehicles in the online trading market. The range of trading options available makes this a highly profitable platform.